Osu! Tablet Recommendation MEGATHREAD

First things first the Hawku tablet drivers improve every tablet if it supports it so be sure to get it!

Alright I’ll start with the smaller tablets

1- Huion H420/Huion 420

Specs: -Active area of 10.2cm X 5.7cm (4 x 2.23″) -200hz polling rate -Plastic build (Light: 430 grams or about 1 pound) -Battery pen – ~20$ USD

This tablet is pretty good if you are just starting Osu Pad! and don’t want something more expansive than 20 bucks. The real problem and why not a lot of people are recommending this is the build quality and the pen. Being a pen that requires battery it is rather heavy and batteries are just A PAIN. The build is kinda cheap plastic and it’s pretty small which means no full area chad. People have also stated in the comment section and my friends who owns this tablet: Yes there is more input lag than Wacom Tablets and yes the hawku drivers does help A LOT. This tablet is widely available on Amazon and on Huion’s website. Reviews: Kynan review, Circle People review, Kachulu review, Miraie review.

2- XP-Pen G430S

Specs: -Active area of 10.16cm x 7.62cm (4 x 3″) -266hz poling rate -plastic (really thin) -PASSIVE PEN -~25$ USD

Big competitor to the Huion 420, slightly taller area that in practice with force proportions means not a lot. Slightly more expansive but it is definitely worth it because you don’t need to spend money on batteries BECAUSE IT HAS A BATTERY LESS PENNN. I recommend this if you want a smaller tablet. Available on Amazon and XP-Pen website. Reviews: EB3K review, Kynan again, Stefen.

Those are basically all the smaller tablets. Here comes to more “Normal” sized ones.

3- Wacom CTL/CTH480

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 9.4cm (6 x 3.7″) -120hz polling rate -plastic (actually decent build) -good passive pen -~80$ USD would be a good price

The holy grail they say. Low hardware latency, good pen, nice design, nice build quality. The catch is: it’s discontinued. Depending and where you live this might cost hundreds of dollars or 40 bucks. In my case (Quebec, Canada) it is very difficult to find a cheaper 480. If you are able to find one relatively cheap, go for it. This is the best tablet money can buy. I recommend going on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craigslist or the used items websites in your country. Reviews (Not a lot) Fireball435 reviewCamcrunch for tablet as a whole.

4- Wacom CTL/CTH 490

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 9.4cm (6 x 3.7″) -120hz polling rate -plastic (pretty good build) -CHEAP pen -~80$ USD

Ah yes, the most controversial tablet ever. STAY AWAY. Hardware input lag and smoothing and the pen is the cheapest plastic there is. DON’T BUY THIS TABLET. DON’T NEVER. NO. Ok now, if you have this tablet don’t be sad uwu I made the same mistake. The tablet is actually not that bad with the Hawku drivers I mentioned. Using those drivers and dragging makes it much better. I’m not gonna say where to get it because if you don’t have it don’t get it, please.

Forgot to mention this is very good for drawing so if you wanna draw yes.

5- XP-Pen G640

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 10.16cm (6 x 4″) -266hz polling rate -plastic (REALLY REALLY THIN) -Passive pen decent -~35$ USD

Really good tablet, I always recommend this one. No real input lag, normal active area size, decent quality pen for a REALLY good price. One problem that a lot of people mention is that the tablet gets scratched up really easily. So if you drag I recommend getting a tablet cover (I recommend foxbox for tablet covers). Available on Amazon and their website. Reviews: Filsdelama review, Tokaku review, Binfy.

6- XP-Pen G640S

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 10.16cm (6 x 4″) -266hz polling rate -plastic -good pen -~50$ USD

I will say the general opinion before I say mine. This tablet is very good and responsiveness on par with the other XP-Pen tablets. It has a great pen and overall solid build quality. This is a very nice tablet and as good or even better than the XP-Pen G640. Recommended. Find on Amazon and their own website. Reviews: Tokaku’s reviewSquashy boy’s reviewProject ace’s review.

**DISCLAIMER**: What I’m about to say is my opinion and MY OPINION only.

I personally do not like the G640S, it is much thicker than the normal G640 and have unnecessary buttons on the side. The buttons takes up more precious space on the desk and if you’re playing with a laptop or usually like to put the tablet closer to the keyboard, this is ergonomically trash. It is also 50$ which is almost the price of a CTL-4100 on sale and even more expansive than a CTL-480 if you can find one at the price. This is only my opinion and not like it really matters.

7- Huion H430P

Specs: -Active area of 12.19cm x 7.62cm (4.8 x 3″) -233hz polling rate -plastic (I like the design) -Nice grip area battery less pen -~30$ USD

Competitor to the XP-Pen G640. The active area surprised me a lot. I didn’t know it was so small. Smaller than all the Wacom tablets and the XP-Pen G640. The design is definitely one of my favorites. You might hit the top of the tablet while playing full area with the XP-Pen but this is smooth so that wouldn’t happens. This tablet is very conflicting between people, some say it’s good some say it’s utter trash, I say it’s FINE WITH THE HAWKU DRIVERS, so if you don’t mind the design flaws and the smaller area go ahead. Available on Amazon and their site. Reviews: Narrator review, Kachulu review.

8- Veikk S640

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 10.16cm (6 x 4″) -230hz polling rate -plastic (bloc on the right kinda weird for bigger tablet) -Shit pen -~25$ USD

A competitor to the big brands like XP-Pen, Wacom and Huion. Easy to recommend because of the “lower” price and thinness. Not a lot of input lag and good design. People do mention the pen tends to slip so might wanna get rubber bands, blu tack or silicon pen grips. Available on Amazon. Reviews: Tokaku review, Alish2001 review, Harley Rizumu review.

9- Gaomon S56K

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 12.7cm (6 x 5″) -200hz polling rate -RUBBER (OWO FLEXIBLE) -Grippy but BATTERYERYEORUSIIWARFAFIAUWF -~25$ USD

Yes it’s a rubber flexible tablet. Lots of people actually used this including ThePoon. It is responsive and very good for the price. Although because of it’s almost square shape, it might throw some people off because a lot of the tablet is not used due to forced aspect ratio. A disadvantage of the flexibleness is the need of a flat surface in order to use (I mean but what are you playing osu on your bed?). You can get it on Amazon and on their website. Reviews: Beastroll’s review, Rafis’ review, ThePoon’s review, Filsdelama’s review, Kynan again, Ner0’s review.

10- Wacom CTL/CTH 470

Specs: -Active area of 14.73cm x 9.14cm (5.8 x 3.6″) -120hz polling rate -plastic -good pen -~80$ USD

This is bassically the same as the CTL-471 except with a bigger body but it’s still the same area. Overall this is very responsive and very good to use. Again, it’s discontinued so Find on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craigslist or the used items websites in your country. Reviews: Crzynoob’s comparison with the CTL-480

11- Wacom CTL/CTH 471

Specs: -Active area of 14.73cm x 9.14cm (5.8 x 3.6″) -120hz polling rate -plastic (yellow and weird green uhhh) -Classic pen -~80$ USD

Another discontinued table by Wacom kek. This in terms of input lag and smoothing is tied with the CTL-480. It is definitely one of the best tablets but again it’s discontinued. This is pretty much a cheaper and more available version of the 480. Didn’t really expect it to be slightly smaller but that shouldn’t be a problem if this is your first tablet. Find on Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo, Craigslist or the used items websites in your country. Reviews: Ferra-san.

12- Wacom CTL-4100

Specs: -Active area of 15.2cm x 9.5cm (6 x 3.7″) -120hz polling rate -plastic (Nice design and build quality) -pen is still not very good -~70$ USD

The replacement for the CTL-490 and the successor to the CTL-480. This tablet is said to be very well built. The responsiveness is also said to be very good. In terms of ergonomics and design, the pen is a step up from the CTL-490 pen but it is still pretty bad. Nothing bad to say about the tablet although more expansive than some people can handle. Find on Amazon and on wacom’s website. Reviews: there ain’t any

13- CTL/CTH 472

Specs: -Active area of 15.2cm x 9.5cm (6 x 3.7″) -120hz polling rate -plastic (my favorite looking tablet ever) -TRASH PENDWOPADPOSAD -~70$ USD

REALLY COOL TABLET. GREAT BUILD QUALITY. The input lag should be fine but I highly doubt it. I don’t have much proof so I’ll say it is fine. This tablet would be actually great. Except it ain’t in European or North American market. Thus you can only get it on tmall which is linked in their website. Review: Hahabear review.

14- Parblo A640

Specs: -Active area of 15.24cm x 10.16cm (6 x 4″) -260hz polling rate -plastic literal wacom rip off -flat yet skinny pen? What? -~30$ USD

Who made this shit? Literally one of the worst tablets. Tablet just straight up doesn’t work and the cursor ends up teleporting everywhere. This is literally just a rip off of the CTL-490 but somehow they made it worse. Please don’t get this and watch Tokaku’s review.

These are all the common tablets people use for Osu that I know of.

There are definitely more like the ones Xootynator and Idke uses but I feel like they’re much more expansive and didn’t include it in this list.

Source: Reddit

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